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Registration | Conditions of Participation

Conditions of Participation Download (PDF) available for Download in German language only!


§ 1 Scope of application

The Conditions of Participation regulate the legal position concluded between the participant and the organizer. They are subject to occasional changes in content. Upon registration they are, in their respective applicable version, part of the contract between the organiser and the participant(s). Changes made with respect to the legitimate interests of the participants and published on the internet or in written form will be integral part of the contract without further notification.


§ 2 Safety measures

The organiser shall inform the participants of organisational measures before the beginning of the event. Compliance with the instructions given by the organiser and accordingly indicated organisation personnel is absolutely mandatory. In case of noncompliance the organiser has the right to exclude the participant/team from the event and/or announce the disqualification, should the order of the event (e. g. because of consumption of alcohol) or the safety of other participants be endangered. Legally binding declarations concerning the participants can only be announced by authorized organisational personnel. The authorized group of persons includes the medical staff responsible during the event. In case of according medical indications the medical staff is authorized to exclude a participant from the races for his own safety and to deny him further participation in the event.


§ 3 Registration – Entry fee – Terms of Payment - Reimbursement    

1) The registration must be effected in written form on the registration application as supplied by Xdream Sports & Events GmbH. The signed registration application may be submitted per postal mail, fax or e-mail. Other forms of registration will not be accepted. The registration application shall not be effective until payment of the entry fee has been remitted.

2) The organiser reserves the right to disqualify and/or exclude a participant from the event at any time, should he/she have culpably given incorrect information on the registration application, be liable to a ban by a sports federation or if there is reason to suspect that the participant is entering the race after taking forbidden substances (doping).

3) In the event that a registered team – for whatever reason – is unable to participate in the regatta, the organiser must be informed of this fact without delay. No claim to reimbursement of the entry fee shall arise.

4) Reimbursement of the entry fee shall only be considered in case of complete cancellation of the event. If the organiser is not to be held responsible for the cancellation, there will only be a partial reimbursement. The amount of the reimbursement will be determined as follows: the difference remaining after subtracting expenses already incurred by the organiser and splitting this difference proportionately between the participants.

5) The organiser will set an organisational limit (number of participants and/or late entry), which will be announced at the time of the race invitationor at a later time. Registrations exceeding the limit will not be accepted.


§ 4 Disclaimer of liability / participants under 18 years of age

1) If the organiser is forced to make changes in the order of the event or to cancel the event completely due to directives issued by authorities or due to “force majeure”, no claims of damages on the part of the participants shall arise in these cases.  

2) The organiser is not liable for not at least grossly negligent caused personal or material damages; exempted from this limitation of liability are damages due to culpable violation of a contractual principal obligation by the organiser, and personal injury (damages to life, body or health of a person). The aforementioned limitations of liability also apply for all employees, representatives, auxiliary persons and third parties, whose services the organiser uses in connection with the conduct of the event or with whom the organiser is contractually bound for this purpose.

3) The organiser will take no responsibility for health risks of the participant in connection with the participation in the event. It is in the participant’s own responsibility to assess his health before entering the event. Every participant declares himself/herself able to swim 100 m in light sports apparel and that there is no medical reason prohibiting his/her participation in the event.

4) The organiser shall not assume liability for misplaced items of clothing and equipment components belonging to the participants. The organiser shall assume no liability for items of the participants stored by third parties employed by the organiser; the liability of the organiser due to negligent selection will remain untouched.

5) For participants not yet 18 years of age it is mandatory to submit a Declaration of Consent signed by a legal guardian.     


§ 5 Data collection and data utilisation

1) The personal information of each participant, given at the time of registration, will be stored and processed for the purpose of execution and processing of the event. This includes the medical attention on the course and at the finish line, by the medical services responsible during the event. This especially applies to the data necessary for the processing of the entry fee payment (§ 28 BundesdatenschutzG). Upon registration consent to storage of personal information is given. 

2) Photographs, film footage and interviews of the participants on radio, television, print media, books, photomechanical reproductions (film, video cassette, etc) made in conjunction with the event may be utilised by the organiser without any claim to remuneration.

3) If required, the personal information, pursuant to § 5. 1, may be passed on to a commercial third party responsible for the time measurement, to a third party in order to issue a results list and also for release of this list on the internet. Upon registration, the participant gives his consent to storage and disclosure of data to for these purposes.

4) The following personal data may be used for printing and issuing starting lists and results lists in all relevant media concerning the event (print material like program and results list, internet): last name, first name, birth date, sex, club, starting number and result (place and time). Upon registration, the participant gives his consent to storage and utilisation of personal data for these purposes.


§ 6 Disqualification and exclusion from the event

If the official starting number is altered in any manner whatsoever, especially if the promotional logo is made invisible or unrecognisable, then the participant may be excluded from further participation in the event, in any case he/the team will be excluded from the results (disqualification).




Please note: In case of doubt, the German version of the Conditions of Participation shall apply.