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To the paddles, ready, go!

The results 2012 are available for download in the menu under "regatta / results 2012".

Thank you for your participation and we hope to see you again in 2013!


VGF Dragonboat Festival 2012

Date: May 26



When the colourful dragonboats get launched, the river Main turns into a racetrack of the exotic kind. Spured by the drummers and cheered by the viewers teams of all traininglevels will paddle for victory. This year Frankfurt is even the venue of an international pro-cup: the Euro League Race!

Find all information about the cups, the teams, the rules. Spot the fancy festival programme by land and by sea. Learn more about the long standing history of Chinese dragonboat paddling. And look forward to three exciting days on the riverside!


The Online-Registration is open: REGISTRATION