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Dragonboat | How it works...

43_1199955.jpgDragon Boating - how does it work?

The most important factors are synchronisation and technique. Only by the perfect matching of these factors can the team achieve success.

Rhythm and harmony triumph over pure muscular power.

Up to 18 paddlers are coxed by a drummer and kept in rhythm,  whilst a helmsman or helmswoman keeps the 12.5-metre long boat on course.

The boats start from buoys or hooks. The finishing line is defined by buoys or markings from the banks of the river.

The usual competition distances are 250, 500 and 1,000 metres. For festivals, the distance is often adjusted to suit the local conditions.

Together we are strong,
Together we are fast,
Together we have fun!

Dragon boating is a 'social sport' that promotes a high degree of team spirit unlike almost any other type of sport.

Success can only be achieved with teamwork and by focusing on a common objective.

It is a sport which is open to all levels of fitness and the teams are formed from all age groups and people from all walks of life.

The hallmarks of modern dragon boat events are fairness, tolerance and a friendly atmosphere - this  does not involve fanatical training programmes or elite groups!

This forms the perfect team event for motivational training and is therefore an ideal platform for companies.

More and more dragon boat seminars are being staged for managers to help them develop their “team thinking” strategies.