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Regatta | Rules & Regulations

DBF - Rules and Regulations

  1. The team captain represents his team and is the sole contact person for organizer, referees and authorised organisational personnel.  

  2. A total of 24 athletes per team, including drummer and replacements, may be registered. A maximum of 20 athletes are permitted to be in the boat during the race.

  3. The organiser will provide boats of identical construction and experienced helmsmen. It is not permitted to use private boats. Sport-Fun teams and Int. Sport Teams may use their own paddles and helmsmen.
  4. During the race it is not permitted to use auxiliary appliances of any kind for setting the rhythm, except the voice of the drummer and equipment supplied by the organiser. If a team wishes to take auxiliary devices or other equipment on board, the explicit permission of the race director.  
  5. Start is at the Untermainbrücke. The race course leads upstream and is 250 meters long. Six lanes will be marked with balloons. The finish is located in front of the Eiserner Steg. The area for spectators is located directly on Mainkai/north side. The race course is perfectly visible from both shores of the Main. 
  6. It is sufficient for the complete team to be at the boarding areas 30 minutes before their respective starting time. 
  7. Participation of the team captain at the race briefing on May 26, at 8 a.m. is mandatory. It is in the team captains responsibility that all athletes wear their participation ID (wrist band) during the event. Boarding without the participation ID is not permitted.
  8. Starting signal is:
    1. „Are you ready?“-> in case of technical problems, the drummer shall make eye contact with the starting personnel and signal with both arms to abort the starting procedure. It is in the authority of the starting personnel to decide if the starting procedure is to be aborted.
    2. “Attention!”-> all athletes shall assume their starting positions.
    3. “Go!”-> -> And they’re off! Now you may start to paddle.
  9. Start is at the Untermainbrücke. Due to adverse conditions (wind, current) the starter, after consulting with the race director, is authorised to conduct a quick start. He must announce this to the teams prior to the start with the command “Schnellstart”. The starting signal will then be reduced to „Attention“+signal.
  10. A false start will lead to a warning and may additionally lead to a disqualification.
  11. The drummer must start drumming 50 m after the starting line at the latest and must continue until his boat crosses the finish line.
  12. In case of a collision of two or more boats during the race, the race director will decide about the scoring of the race or a possible new start. Generally each race will be continued, as long as other participants are not endangered.
  13. Start and finish mark of each boat is the back side of the drummer’s seat.
  14. Each boat must immediately dock at the boarding area with the complete team. The race is finished only after the whole team has deboarded at the landing area.
  15. The finish will be determined by video and two race marshals. The rankings will be posted after each race.
  16. Athletes that are noticeably intoxicated may be excluded from the race.
  17. In case of violation of rules or unsportsmanlike behaviour, individuals or whole teams may receive a warning from the race director or be excluded from further races.
  18. In case of a dead heat, the ranking will be determined by lot.
  19. Protest against a decision must be filed at the race office no later than 15 minutes after announcement of the official results. The race judges will rule on the protest.